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For Paris Nuit Blanche 2024, the Waall.5 exhibition presented, at the Au Roi gallery (Paris 11th), 17 artists among the most acclaimed by their peers on Atfu. We relied on the taste of contemporary artists to create an exhibition which presented at auction 17 original pieces, subject to swap to the general public. A perfect hit ! The exhibition was a success: all the works found buyers on Saturday evening. 247 swap proposals and more than 600 visitors were recorded. This POC (Proof Of Concept) demonstrates that the tastes of buyers do indeed match those of the artists to whom it was time to give a place of choice in their own visibility.


Amandine Maas has accepted to write a text of up to 20,000 signs for an exhibition curator, including interviews and portfolio reviews.

Amélie Testenoire Lafayette agreed to create a customized sound universe for her next exhibition

Anaïs Gauthier accepted a trip to Geneva (round trip 1st class paid for), one night in a hotel + one day with visits and a meeting with a gallery owner.

Anaïs Pessoz had agreed to promote her work and make relevant contacts, but subsequently withdrew.

Camille d'Auber accepted an open-ended artistic residency in the heart of Normandy, with a double room and studio at her disposal.

Debby Barthoux agreed to write a text of up to 20,000 signs for an exhibition curator, including interviews and portfolio reviews.

Diane Gaignoux agreed to design and develop a customized website 

Dimitri Autin accepted several hours of legal advice 

Giuliana Zefferi has accepted 3 weeks in Mexico in a cabin at the DORA eco-resort near Tulum, or a room in a shared apartment in Mexico City.

Kmar Douagi has accepted a two-week artistic residency in the Luberon region of France.


Léa Rivera Hadjes has accepted a residency to co-create a stained-glass window in her studio.


Maeva Pillon has accepted an invitation from a creative producer working for an arts agency to set up a solo show for her in Paris.


Noah Henry Cabello has accepted a stay (accommodation and expenses covered) in Abu Dhabi during the Abu Dhabi Art Fair with VIP access 


Paul Hennebelle accepted a week's home-stay in Hong Kong, with meals, lodging and laundry. 


Thomas Wattebled accepted an exhibition space, a video for personal branding, a customized comm strategy, a co-working office and the benefit of the entrepreneur's address book.


Tommy Lecot accepted the complete production of a solo show 

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